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Sampling and Anti-Aliasing • Sampling and reconstruction • Spatial frequencies • Spatial domain vs. Frequency domain • Convolution and Filtering. Samples with area • Note TV, Printing, Eye all gather finite areas • What is the right sample area? - Answer in signal processing. Spatial Frequenc Anti-aliasing by supersampling Image function with continuous domain and unlimited spectrum: Anti-aliasing filter (function with limited support): f x,y h x,y Pixel color [i,j]: I i,j f x,y h x i,y j dx d AntiAliasing in the GeForce 6800 (NV40) has changed from that used in previous Nvidia cards. The method has changed from ordered grid multi- sampling to rotated grid multi sampling. Only performed at the edge pixels - GPU has more intelligence (the main difference from supersampling) ATI SmoothVisionTM uses a jittered sampling patter aliasing is a technique used in digital imaging to reduce the visual defects that occur when high-resolution images are presented in a lower resolution

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  1. g areas now becomes simple. 5 Abram & Westover, 198
  2. Supersampling or supersampling anti-aliasing ( SSAA) is a spatial anti-aliasing method, i.e. a method used to remove aliasing (jagged and pixelated edges, colloquially known as jaggies ) from images rendered in computer games or other computer programs that generate imagery
  3. Anti-aliasing: Fixing Aliasing • Nyquist Frequency: Need at least twice the highest frequency in the signal to correctly reconstruct • Example - Phone: 700 Hz at 8 bits per sample - CD Player: 44.1 kHz at 16 bits per sample • Solutions: - Prefiltering: Lower the maximum frequency (filter out high frequencies
  4. Antialiasing is a technique used in computer graphics to remove the aliasing effect. The aliasing effect is the appearance of jagged edges or jaggies in a rasterized image (an image rendered using pixels). The problem of jagged edges technically occurs due to distortion of the image when scan conversion is done with sampling at a low frequency,.
  5. Antialiasing strategies Antialiasing methods were developed to combat the effects of aliasing. There are three main classes of antialiasing algorithms. As aliasing problem is due to low resolution, one easy solution is to increase the resolution , causing sample points to occur more frequently. This increases the cost of image production
  6. Methods. To reduce this artifact, we apply the adaptive super sampling method to deformed area. We divide view plane into several areas and applied different super sampling kernel to each detected aliased region. Firstly, we decide the deformed area using deformation mask which includes transformed position
  7. 17-Jul-01 240-422 Computer Graphics : Antialiasing 4/8 Antialiasing: Unweighted Area Sampling (2/3) • Set each pixel's intensity value proportional to its area of overlap covered by primitive • Note more than one pixel/column for lines of 0<slope<1 • This is a form of unweighted area sampling - the further pixel center is from the.

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  1. Anti-Aliasing : Unweighted Area Sampling (Continues) • Set each pixel's intensity value proportional to its area of overlap covered by primitive • Note more than one pixel/column for lines of 0<slope<1 • This is a form of unweighted area sampling - the further pixel center is from the line, the less influent it has - only pixels covered by primitive can contribute - only amount of area of overlap matters, regardless of distance of area of overlap from pixel's center 1
  2. #computergraphics #aliasingtechnique Anti aliasing techniques like super sampling, Area sampling, Pixel phasing and masking discussed in this tutoria
  3. Initial implementations of full-scene anti-aliasing ( FSAA) worked conceptually by simply rendering a scene at a higher resolution, and then downsampling to a lower-resolution output. Most modern GPUs are capable of this form of anti-aliasing, but it greatly taxes resources such as texture, bandwidth, and fillrate

It is also referred to as one of the essential anti-aliasing approaches is Super Sampling Antialiasing (SSAA). To turn up at its goal, it shares a standard strategy as discussed above. However, there is a downside to this approach as it requires that to treat the complete picture until jaggies can be patched Multi-Sampling Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) This approach functions a little differently. MSAA will only smooth out certain parts of the frame where it deems it necessary and although this significantly helps speed up the anti-aliasing process and lowers the GPU's workload, it can still be a little spotty in execution Area sampling anti-aliasing uses a processed but still continuous form of the continuous image to exactly compute the convolution of an anti-aliasing filter function and this continuous image. This convolution is sampled to produce a value to be used while determining a pixel in the discrete image By default, LightWave uses Adaptive Sampling (edge detection) to determine which areas of an image should be anti-aliased. This focuses the anti-aliasing process primarily on the edges of objects. With Adaptive Sampling active, you can tell LightWave which areas to anti-alias by entering a sampling Threshold value. If the Adaptive Sampling option is inactive, LightWave will anti-alias the entire frame

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What is Anti-aliasing? One of the functions of image sampling is anti-aliasing , which is the reduction of jagged edges in a rendering. The following example shows the basic difference between an image with anti-aliasing, and one without Area$Sampling$Example:$ Line$Anti;Aliasing$ Let$(x +1, y')$be$on$the$line$and$h$the$distance$of$y'$from$the$midpoint$(y+0.5):$f (x +1, y+0.5)= x (y'+h) − y (x. Last Time • Antialiasing - Area-weighted sampling • Visibility - - - 3/23/04 Painter With Adaptive Sampling active, you can tell LightWave which areas to anti-alias by entering a sampling Threshold value. If the Adaptive Sampling option is inactive, LightWave will anti-alias the entire frame. The adaptive sampling Threshold functions by comparing the brightness of two neighboring pixels. A value of 0 will anti-alias everything.

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The sampling theorem at Wikipedia.org Applet instructions Click the images on the upper right to change the image being sampled. The red dots show the sample points. The number of sampling points (the sample resolution) can be adjusted using the slidebar. Checking the anti-aliasing button applies a lowpass filter prior to sampling Antialiasing Techniques. Antialiasing is a approach used in laptop images to eliminate the aliasing effect. The aliasing impact is the look of jagged edges or jaggies in a rasterized picture (an photo rendered the usage of pixels). The problem of jagged edges technically happens due to distortion of the picture when scan conversion is achieve with sampling at a low frequency, which is. much closer to an area sampling than to a point sampling. In syn-thetic, rendered images, point sampling causes aliasing of high fre-quency features in the image, e.g. edges. Multi-sampling or analytic anti-aliasing strategies are employed to effectively replace the point sampling with an approximation of area sampling, bring Stochastic Sampling The last anti-aliasing approach to be mentioned is the stochastic sampling. The image signal is sampled at irregularly placed points and instead of the jaggies we get noise. Many feel that this noise is less disturbing for the human observer that the aliasing. The main application area of the stochastic sampling is ray. Note that this process is not linear, as for each of these sampling rates, the actual number of samples taken is the square of the input value. For example, if Camera (AA) samples is 3, it means that 3x3 = 9 samples will be used for anti-aliasing. If Diffuse samples is 2, then 2x2 = 4 samples will be used for the Diffuse GI

For example, if Camera (AA) samples are 3, it means that 3x3 = 9 samples will be used for Anti-Aliasing. If diffuse samples is 2, then 2x2 = 4 samples will be used for the GI. The same applies to the other values. Diffuse, specular, transmission, SSS, and volume sampling rates are expressed for each Camera (AA) sample. This AA sampling rate can. Many papers treat the 2D problem of anti-aliasing lines on screen. A good reference on the desirable characteristics for an anti-aliased line is described by Nelson [Nels96]. In contrast, we anti-alias 3D lines where each line has an associated surface area and a normal. Hybrid Rendering. Chen and Nguyen [ChNg01] introduced

SMAA is often paired with temporal anti-aliasing (SMAA T1x/T2x) which uses temporal data from neighboring frames to improve the stability and quality of anti-aliasing. Furthermore, unlike MLAA, SMAA uses multiple samples per pixel which allows for improved image quality. The usual value is two but in some cases, four are also used Why we use low pass filter as anti aliasing filter in sampling of the signal such that one can lower the sampling frequency and avoid aliasing or fold subject area. Recruit.

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1 Anti-Aliasing Techniques • Cheaper solution : take multiple samples for each pixel and average them together →supersampling. • Can weight them towards the centre →weighted average sampling • Stochastic sampling Removing aliasing is called antialiasing How do we remove aliasing Aliasing Anti-aliasing. 5 Spatial Aliasing • Artifacts due to limited spatial resolution Optimal filter - better than area sampling. Sinc function is infinite !! Computationally expensive. Adequate sampling. 16 Inadequate sampling Pre-filtering The 'Sinc' function.. Multi-Sampling Anti-Aliasing. storing them in a certain area of the frame buffer and before the frame gets flipped the HRAA-engine filters the samples and stores the result in the back buffer Learn about Anti-Aliasing techniques and their two types - Area Sampling or Pre-filtering and Supersampling or Post-filtering in this Computer Graphics course Guide to Anti-aliasing Filter Basics. Abstract: In a sampled data system, frequency components greater than half the sampling rate \alias\ (shift) into the frequency band of interest. Most of the time, aliasing in an undesirable side effect, so the \undersampled\ higher frequencies are simply filtered out before the analog-to-digital (AD.

Key words: aliasing, clipping, computer graphics, filtering, hidden-surface removal, sampling. CR classification: 8.2 INTRODUCTION Aliasing is now being recognized as an impor- tant factor in analysis of image synthesizing algo- rithms. Attention has turned to anti-aliasing

O Super-Sampling Anti-Aliasing — ou simplesmente SSAA — é uma técnica específica de anti-aliasing, como o Multi-Sampling (MSAA). É uma forma alternativa, portanto, de aplicar correções. Super-sampling Anti-aliasing Analyzed Kristof Beets Dave Barron Beyond3D whitepaper@Beyond3D.com Reprinted with permission 1 Abstract - This paper examines two varieties of super-sample anti-aliasing: Rotated Grid Super- Sampling (RGSS) and Ordered Grid Super-Sampling (OGSS). RGSS employs a sub-sampling grid that is rotated around the standard horizontal and vertical offset axes used in OGSS. Adaptive anti aliasing is a great solution to optimize render times to resolve the noise coming from depth of field, motion blur, fine geometries and avoid tweaking lights and material sampling. The adaptive anti aliasing is able to refine the image based on local pixel variance (or noise) instead of using a fixed number of samples for the whole image Coverage Sample Anti-Aliasing (CSAA). A further optimization on MSAA from NVidia [ed: ATI has an equivalent]. Besides running the shader at 1x and the framebuffer at 4x, the GPU's rasterizer is run at 16x. So while the depth buffer produces better anti-aliasing, the intermediate shades of blending produced are even better Computer Graphics MCQs 28 1. The distortion of information due to low-frequency sampling is known asa) Samplingb) Aliasingc) Inquiry functiond) Anti-aliasing Explanation: The distortion of information is called aliasing. 2. To avoid losing information from periodic objects we needa) Sampling frequency twiceb) Nyquist sampling frequencyc) Both a or bd) Neither a nor b Explanation: Because [

What is the fundamental reasoning for anti aliasing using multiple random samples within a pixel? Lastly, this stuff is starting to stray into the realm of monte carlo path tracing which is the common method for doing photorealistic raytracing. shoot many rays covering the entire pixel area Because supersampling is memory intensive, Lumberyard uses temporal antialiasing (TAA) to approximate supersampling. While supersampling analyzes pixels spatially, TAA analyzes frames over time, even when the camera is static. The current frame is projected onto the previous frame and samples are blended into an accumulation buffer Aliasing can take place either in time, temporal aliasing, or in space, spatial aliasing. Aliasing is a major concern in the analog-to-digital conversion of video and audio signals: improper sampling of the analog signal will cause high- frequency components to be aliased with genuine low-frequency ones, and be incorrectly reconstructed as such during the subsequent digital-to-analog conversion Temporal Aliasing A very common type of aliasing is what is known as Temporal Aliasing.In fact, almost everyone has experienced it when you watch a car's wheels accelerate, or the blades of a helicopter accelerate. Because the eye can only sample the world at a certain number of frames per second, objects appear to behave peculiarly Anti-Aliasing is a potential problem whenever an analogue signal is a point sampled to convert it into a digital signal. It can also occur in audio sampling. Thus the screen is treated as having a higher resolution than what actually is. A virtual image is calculated at the higher spatial resolution and then mapped (displayed) to the actual.

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  1. As a result of the improving economics of digitized analog signal processing, anti-aliasing filtering is a major application area. Signal digitizing usually involves sampling of the voltage at regular intervals. Aliasing is a phenomena in which the frequency spectrum becomes folded back on itself above one half the sampling frequency
  2. The anti-aliasing requirements for the FD read-out channel 2 The characteristic frequencies of the filters are ωRC = 2πfRC = 1 τRC and ωD = 2πfD = 1 τD, where τD is the delay of the filter. Each of the previous filter type is described by the generic names ωFi and the transfer function Hn Fi. The characteristic frequency of the filter coincides with the frequency cu
  3. Multisample Anti-Aliasing Rasterization Rules. Multisample antialiasing (MSAA) reduces geometry aliasing using pixel coverage and depth-stencil tests at multiple sub-sample locations. To improve performance, per-pixel calculations are performed once for each covered pixel, by sharing shader outputs across covered sub-pixels
  4. Multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA) is a type of spatial anti-aliasing, a technique used in computer graphics to remove jaggies.. Definition. The term generally refers to a special case of supersampling.Initial implementations of full-scene anti-aliasing worked conceptually by simply rendering a scene at a higher resolution, and then downsampling to a lower-resolution output
  5. PurposeIn modern GPUs, deformation has been possible to perform direct space warping in texture-based rendering and GPU-based ray-casting. The problem of direct space warping is lead to provide aliasing artifacts on deformed area. The variation of sampling interval in original space and deformed space is cause of the aliasing.MethodsTo reduce this artifact, we apply the adaptive super sampling.
  6. I want to implement anti-aliasing in BRE, but first, I want to explore what it is, how it is caused, and what are the techniques to mitigate this effect. In the previous post, we talked about Rasterization. Now, we will see aliasing and anti-aliasing in depth.In the next post, I am going to describe which anti-aliasing technique I choose for BRE and how I implemented it

In multisample anti-aliasing, if any of the multi sample locations in a pixel is covered by the triangle being rendered, a shading computation must be performed for that triangle. However this calculation only needs to be performed once for the whole pixel regardless of how many sample positions are covered; the result of the shading calculation is simply applied to all of the relevant multi. Maxwell's new RAM-based sample position technology can still be programmed with standard MSAA and TXAA patterns, but now the driver or application may also load the RAM with custom positions that are free to vary from frame to frame, or even within a frame. And it is with this technology that we have developed Multi-Frame Sampled Anti-Aliasing (MFAA) The term generally refers to a special case of supersampling.Initial implementations of full-scene anti-aliasing (FSAA) worked conceptually by simply rendering a scene at a higher resolution, and then downsampling to a lower-resolution output.Most modern GPUs are capable of this form of anti-aliasing, but it greatly taxes resources such as texture, bandwidth, and fillrate ELEC270 Signals and Systems, week 6: Sampling and Discrete Time Signal

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Anti-aliasing Filters. Box Filter - A pretty Balanced Speed/Quality Filter. Gets you the fastest results, Due to it having a Step Curve the sample contributions are always taken from the center of the pixel. Area Filter - A little more advanced than the Box Filter in the case that it blur the image slighty

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Even with an anti-aliasing filter, you'll still get aliasing of color detail, but as the fill factors (including microlenses) approach 100%, The samples are area average samples. This means that for a monochrome sensor as the spatial frequency of lines gets below nyquist, the result will be a rapid tail off of MTF Often called full scene anti-aliasing, this method is the oldest and simplest of all. It involves rendering the scene at a higher resolution than the target setting, then sampling and blending. Sampling and Anti-Aliasing • Frequency vs. Space review • Sampling Filters • Integrating methods • Supersampling - Adaptive - Jittered • Look at local variance in coarse array of samples • Take more samples in areas of high variance • Coarser arrays risk missing small things • Nonuniform samples require more.

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Antialiasing Aliasing Supersampling Antialiased Bresenham Area sampling (Unweighted & Weighted) Gupta-Sproull Oct 10, 2003 CMPT-361 : Hamid Younesy 2 Aliasing Aliasing in Signal Processing: Unwanted artifacts caused by undersampling signals sampled signal reconstructed signal Oct 10, 2003 CMPT-361 : Hamid Younesy 3 Aliasing Aliasing and Anti-Aliasing Anti-Aliasing is the process that attempts to prevent or fix the problem. More Resolution Unweighted Area Sampling Weighted Area Sampling Post image creation filtering 10 3 Aliasing and Anti-Aliasing More Resolutio Sampling, Reconstruction, and Antialiasing 39-5 FIGURE 39.4 Ideal low-pass filter H(f). FIGURE 39.5 The sinc function. 39.3.2 Ideal Low-Pass Filter. Aliasing • Aliasing comes from in-adequate sampling rates of the continuous signal • The theoretical foundation of anti-aliasing has to do with frequency analysis • It's always easier to look at 1D cases, so let's first look at a few of those Camera (AA) samples multiply diffuse, specular, and light samples after being squared. For example, 6 Camera (AA) samples and 6 specular samples = 6 2 x 6 2 = 1296 rays per pixel for the diffuse, and another 1296 rays per pixel for the indirect specular.Therefore when you increase the Camera (AA) samples to get better geometric anti-aliasing, you should decrease the others to compensate

There is an analog anti-alias filter in time sampling. Unfortunately, the same type of anti-aliasing filter does not exist for spatial sampling where we record with a discrete number of receivers. To appreciate the problem of spatial aliasing, we refer to some plots taken from Seismic Data Processing by Hatton et al. (1986) Multi Sample Anti-Aliasing. MSAA, or more specifically 4x MSAA, has another trick. MSAA is similar to Supersampling in that it's rendering at a higher resolution than the screen can necessarily display, but different in what it renders at a higher resolution isn't necessarily the scene color, but rather the scene depth

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L 'Anti-Aliasing and anti-aliasing: FXAA, SMAA, MSAA, SSAA, TXAA . Several algorithms exist with each their advantages and disadvantages. FXAA (Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing) FXAA (fast approximate anti-aliasing) developed by NVIDIA improves image quality by reducing irregularities. Because of this, it is very common in video games If it's been upgraded to run on DX11 you are SOL outside additional super sampling. From the screens i've seen there's still a lot of aliasing. But if their TAA is unique and not based off of UE4 TAA, i'd honestly rather take a more consistently aliased image than the soupy artifact mess that UE4 TAA often is MSAA - Multi Sampling Anti-Aliasing: Secondly, Multi Sampling Anti-Aliasing is the most common type of anti-aliasing among gamers, which is available easily these days. The most common reason for its popularity is that it requires less processing power than the others and maintains high-quality results

Suppose we sample the stripe image on the left using the intersection points (pixels) on the grid on the right. Q: Will we also get regular vertical stripes in the sampled image? A: No, unless the distance between pixels happens to correspond exactly to the stripe width. Textures (regular) and aliasing Anti-aliasing Settings Anti-aliasing Settings Sample Clamping Adaptive Settings Progressive Sampling Filtering AA_samples€ Supersampling control over the number of rays per pixel that will be traced from the camera. The higher the number of samples, the better the anti-aliasing quality, and the longer the render times Antialiasing (AA, auch Anti-Aliasing oder Kantenglättung) ist die Verminderung von unerwünschten Effekten, die durch das begrenzte Pixelraster (siehe Bildauflösung und Alias-Effekt) oder durch den Treppeneffekt bei der Erzeugung einer Computergrafik (computergenerierte 2D- oder 3D-Grafiken) entstehen können.. Beim Antialiasing werden die Bildinhalte üblicherweise nicht nur am Pixel. What is anti-aliasing exactly? Whenever you look closely enough at your computer's monitor, you will see that the image displayed on the screen is made up of tiny pixels. These pixels are basically small rectangular lights, and this is why the images rendered on the screen will have a tendency to appear as if they're composed of small rectangles Category filter: Show All (74)Most Common (1)Technology (7)Government & Military (9)Science & Medicine (10)Business (3)Organizations (50)Slang / Jargon (1) Acronym Definition CSAA California State Automobile Association CSAA Coverage Sampling anti Aliasing CSAA Central Station Alarm Association CSAA Cultural Studies Association of Australasia.

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SSAA implementation made in C using threads from the pthread API - GitHub - radupreda05/Super-Sampling-Anti-Aliasing: SSAA implementation made in C using threads from. 将point sampling换成area sampling(额外做一次低通滤波),可以减轻Moire条纹现象。 Moire Pattern due to Point Sampling Shading Aliasing的第二个原因是像素点灰阶资源有限导致的色彩失真( 色彩校正中的 gamma 值是什么

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Hence the name anti-aliasing. The filter is called an anti-aliasing filter. Who would have guessed? Actually, since low pass filters only attenuate, not zero, higher frequencies, the usual practice is to sample more than just twice the frequency of the highest signal frequency component Sampling, Aliasing, Antialiasing No Jaggies CS148 Lecture 13 Pat Hanrahan, Fall 2011 Key Concepts Frequency space Filters and convolution Sampling and the Nyquist frequency Aliasing and Antialiasing. Frequency Space sin2πx Area-Sampling vs. Super-sampling Exact Area 4x4 Super-sampled. Title: sampling Author Super sampling is a technique used in the anti-aliasing algorithm. This technique avoids rendering artifacts, such as the staircase effect, by improving the visual quality of lines and surface edges (whether they are common or free border edges) in the whole scene

Multi-Sampling Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) Although MSAA doesn't address all manifestations of aliasing, it does fix the most blatant problems. Of the basic 2x, 4x, and 8x MSAA modes, we'd have to say. However, because the architecture performs anti-aliasing by integrating area samples in multiple passes to successively anti-alias the image, the number of passes is equal to the number of. The setting model does have white aliasing on some edges for some reason if you turn off AA, but I just leave AA off to showcase Downsampling quality. 4x is 4 pixel samples and doubles the resolution before scaling down to your target resolution. 4x does take care of some aliasing and looks like SSAA_4x, but you could see on some areas that has small aliasing, and in motion you can see a bit. This sample presents a new, image-based, post-processing antialiasing technique referred to as Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing and can be downloaded here.The technique was originally developed by Filip Strugar at Intel for use in GRID2 by Codemasters*, to offer a high performance alternative to traditional multi sample anti-aliasing (MSAA) while addressing artistic concerns with. Aliasing in computer graphics. 15-Mar-2020. Most people who have come in contact with computer graphics know that aliasing commonly refers to jagged edges that occur when rendering triangles. In this article, we look at other manifestations of aliasing in 3D graphics, and attempt to theoretically unify them

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Anti-Aliasing in Triangular Pixels Andrew Glassner Xerox PARC 3333 Coyote Hill Road Palo Alto, CA 94304 glassner@parc.xerox.com 415/494-4467 Most graphics rendering takes place in a square pixel grid. This is because the boundaries of the square grid are all vertical and horizontal lines, making sampling An anti-aliasing filter (AAF) is a filter used before a signal sampler to restrict the bandwidth of a signal to approximately or completely satisfy the Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem over the band of interest.Since the theorem states that unambiguous reconstruction of the signal from its samples is possible when the power of frequencies above the Nyquist frequency is zero, a real anti. Anti-aliasing shadow edges with PCF One of the simplest and most common techniques for dealing with the aliasing of shadow edges is called percentage-closer filtering ( PCF ). The name comes from the concept of sampling the area around the fragment and determining the percentage of the area that is closer to the light source (in shadow) L 'Anti-aliasing y anti-aliasing: FXAA, SMAA, MSAA, SSAA, TXAA . Existen varios algoritmos con sus ventajas y desventajas. FXAA (Anti-aliasing rapido aproximado) FXAA (anti-aliasing rapido aproximado) desarrollado de NVIDIA mejora la calidad de la imagen al reducir las irregularidades. Por eso, es muy comun en los videojuegos About anti-aliasing. Firstly, both console versions of Hitman: Absolution render natively in 720p, although we do find that the game looks a little sharper on the 360. Texture detail and especially foliage tends to get blurred a little more on PlayStation 3, reducing the clarity and crispness of the artwork

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It contains areas of both high and low contrast, brighter and darker regions, multiple straight and curved edges, and small features. As usual, we're using HDR and linear color space. All scene screenshots are zoomed in to make individual pixels easier to distinguish. Test scene, zoomed in 4×, without any anti-aliasing. Supersamplin Anti-Aliasing Perspective Transform Sensor Sampling Geometric Transformations Point Spread Function Figure 2. Image Formation Model. The imaging model consists of two geometric transforms as well as blur induced by motion, defocus, sensor anti-aliasing, and finite-area sensor sampling

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2 Multi-Sampling e Alpha-to-Coverage O Multi-Sampling é uma das técnicas de anti-aliasing (o processo que suaviza serrilhados na imagem). Ele foi introduzido com a série GeForce 3 de placas de vídeo da NVIDIA, sendo considerado como de segunda geração, e atualmente é utilizado pela maioria dos jogos

b Magnitude frequency response of anti-aliasing filterCS488 RayTracerPPT - CS 430/536 Computer Graphics I Thick PrimitivesSuperSampling RolloutThe X1000 series - ATI goes SM3